Know Your SEO: Black Hat vs. White Hat

In SEO, there are techniques that you need to be aware of. Two of those techniquesare black hat and white hat SEO. The fancy names notwithstanding, black hat and white hat SEO are broken down here.

You use black hat SEO techniques if you want higher search rankings at the cost of following the rules of SEO. You know an article uses black hat SEO if:

  • It doesn’t have quality. If you see a poorly-written article, it’s possible that it’s up for black hat purposes. Quality isn’t a big issue with this kind of SEO.
  • Looks for quick returns. Black hat users are only in it for the hits. The higher the hit, the better it is for them.
  • Black hat techniques are common. Keyword stuffing, link farming, hidden texts—these are only some of the techniques black hat creators use. Not to mention spamming, a very annoying practice by black hat users.
  • You run the risk of a ban. This is also the most common SEO that Google’s complex algorithm bans. It’s not that easy to gain that high of a ranking if you’re banned, which is common in black hat.

White hat SEO, on the other hand, doesn’t break the rules. The ‘white’ here refers to how it strives for quality, rather than content’s position in search engines:

  • Quality is a priority. A common characteristic of articles that use white hat is it could pass for a news article. Quality is frequently associated with it.
  • Long returns are not a problem. The returns are not the focus; rather, the articles here are commonly created to escape the bans being given by website algorithms.
  • Techniques are more stringent. Meta tags, research, analysis, and the like are more likely used for articles in this SEO niche.
  • Articles are up for a long time.As a result of quality, articles written here aren’t taken off as quickly as black hat articles are.

To sum it all up, black hat is good if you want to get aggressive with your SEO strategies. White hat, on the other hand, is for you if you want to keep your results for a long time.

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