Daring Technique: How SEO Practices Work for You

You may have read some articles on the Web that have bold letters in black. There might also be other websites with words that have linked words. That is SEO, but is that what they all really are—bold, linked words?

The Practice of SEO

SEO is search engine optimization. Basically, it means that your article is searchable on search engines like Google. But what really happens?

  • Keywords are guides. The better your keyword ranks, the better it is for the websites. Keywords, especially ones that are specific to your niche, help your article or product be known to your market.
  • Google helps. Google didn’t become the search engine of choice for nothing. Google’s search helps you, and in turn, you also help Google if your website is an authority on that.
  • Use unique keywords. Keywords should be uniquely worded. There are some keywords that look like generic keywords, and then, there are some specific for your niche. You should go after those.
  • There is good SEO and there is bad SEO. Even in the digital marketing world, there are two sides to the coin: black hat and white hat SEO. You can use either of these, but think of the consequences. Black hat SEO is an aggressive approach but your rank won’t last long with the tactic. White hat SEO takes time to rank, but you keep your ranking for a while.
  • Your content should be quality. After the keywords, your content comes next. You can’t just write something at the spur of the moment. You should consider creating content that readers will read. Google will also penalize badly written content—which is usual with black hat practitioners.
  • Know what you’re saying.If you’re someone familiar with being the life of the party, Google’s algorithm—how it determines the top sites—also rewards you for being such in digital marketing. Know what you’re saying, and the people will listen.

Ready for SEO?

The important thing is to understand what you are doing and learn how to do it properly. SEO can be your friend—if you know its workings, and learn how to make it reflect your ideas.