5 Great SEO tips for the Modern Digital Marketer

It’s 2017, and the time is right to evaluate how you have been doing things. One of those should be your work, and if you’re a digital marketer, you should update your SEO strategies.

Creating a New Year’s Resolution

So you’ve resolved to fix your SEO, if it doesn’t look good. If you want to start the year right in SEO, here are some tips that you should learn and live by in marketing:

Keywords are important.

These words aren’t just for added value or link backs. Sometimes, the keywords you are given doesn’t make sense in an article. You should research more deeply for keywords that are connected to your content and make sense as well.

Ranking shouldn’t be your priority.

While ranking your website is important, it should be the intent behind the keywords that you look at. This ensures that you get people who are looking for quality leads, and will really be an asset to your service or company.

Content is still king.

All these years, it’s funny how content is still the only thing people should give importance to. That is, if you’re going after a white hat strategy; otherwise, in black hat, content doesn’t really play a part, but so does your ranking.

Images are great too.

Images are also part of content. If you’re optimizing your content, you should remember that the descriptions for these images are texts too. You could take some tips from the videos YouTubers often release—these act like keywords for their brands, in some ways.

Don’t rely on Google Analytics alone.

You could use Google Analytics since it’s the industry standard on keywords. However, there are dozens of other keyword planners and searchers out there. Using a few would boost the way you research for keywords.

Welcoming Change

Welcome next year with a sudden surge in your keywords as well as a boost to your site. That is, if you follow these tips now, you’re in for a good start to the year come 2018!